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Why Does Your Dog Shed So Much? [And How to Stop It!]

Why Does Your Dog Shed So Much? [And How to Stop It!]

All of us love to have a furry friend at home. They're a part of the family and they help make our lives better. But, if you're a pet owner, you may be wondering how to deal with all that shedding. It's especially difficult to get rid of dog hair on furniture or carpets. Luckily, there are ways to reduce shedding in your pup so that you can live with them comfortably and without too much annoyance. Here, are some tips on how to do just that.



Section 1: Why does my dog shed so much?

Section 2: How to groom your dog?

Section 3: Tips for keeping shedding at a minimum

Section 4: Tips for dealing with the hair that's shed

Section 5: Conclusion


Why does my dog shed so much?


One thing that makes shedding a tough thing to get over is that hair, like anything else, can come from various places on an animal. Some dogs are born with an abundance of hair, while others have more sparse coats. But, fur comes from somewhere and it comes from your dog's skin.


Your dog is shedding because it is shedding its skin. For a dog to shed its skin, its hair follicles must be open and close as it grows. When a hair falls out, it can quickly rot or mold around the hairs that were on that surface to the point that they can no longer be pulled out.

When that happens, the outer layer of fur can be ripped off and the hair underneath can be exposed to the elements, absorbing moisture and growing the next hair within a short period of time. The process is called felting.

How to groom your dog?

There are a few ways you can go about grooming your pet. Your dog's breed is definitely an influencing factor here. If it has certain hair coat patterns, you will want to utilize a grooming method that works best for it. Some of the most common patterns that your dog may have are brindle and curly coat patterns.

These may require more maintenance on your part when they are in season. As is the case with all dog owners, your dog is also a part of your family and you want to be able to groom it as comfortably as possible. The other option is to use a professional groomer. You may have the option of coming to your own home to groom your dog.


Tips for keeping shedding at a minimum


For starters, you need to remember that dogs shed for a few reasons: they shed out their old skin to make way for the new, and they also shed out hair to get rid of old parasites that are on their skin.

They shed out some hair when they are awake and some when they're sleeping. Generally, they shed the most after they have been exercise for a long period of time.

However, they can also shed a lot after a meal, when they've had too much sugar, and after going to the bathroom. Plus, a study from The Kennel Club showed that nearly half of dogs have at least one type of skin problem, such as dandruff, and that some have at least five.

You'll also want to keep your pup's teeth clean so that the saliva doesn't build up and cause them to itch and feel like they're constantly licking themselves.


Tips for dealing with the hair that's shed

1. Shower your dog with attention.


The problem of excessive shedding lies in the fact that dogs do not require that much attention, so most of them are able to retain the shedding impulse.

You can reduce shedding by showering your dog with as much attention as possible. Ask your vet about some toys that stimulate your dog to work out so that you can also limit the time your dog spends with his mouth.

2. Make sure that your dog does not spend too much time grooming himself.


Most shedding occurs on walks, so you should avoid letting your dog run through the park or neighborhood like a wild beast. Instead, bring a leash with you.




Your pet is a beloved member of your family. You have a responsibility to take care of them. That means shedding isn't ideal, but you can minimize it and even get rid of it completely.

The more work you put into your dog's grooming, the less they'll shed. So, look for products that can help your pet's coat. They may be able to be a solution to the shedding problem and make sure that you always have a warm companion at home.


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