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Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds? And How to Stop It!

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds? And How to Stop It!

As a dog owner, you can expect your dog to scratch their bed. It may be because the bed is too hot or cold. It could also be because they are feeling anxious.

Whatever the reason, it can be frustrating to see your pet do this after all of your hard work on making them a comfortable place to sleep.

Here are some tips for solving this issue and other questions that might arise when dealing with your pet's scratching habits.

Section 1: Why Does My Dog Scratch Their Bed? Section 2: How to Stop Your Dog From Scratching the Bed Section 3: Prevention Methods for Dogs that Scratch Section 4: Conclusion

Why Does My Dog Scratch Their Bed?

Your dog is probably scratching because they don't feel very safe. That could be because you have animals or you are not around. They may even be displaying anxiety behavior.

Some dogs will scratch out of fear, others to mark their territory. You can't stop them from scratching, but you can prevent them from doing it excessively.

When your dog is overly excited, make sure they have enough room to calm down and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Scratching Their Bed? In most cases, the scratching isn't a behavioral issue at all, but a clothing issue.

If your dog regularly wears clothes, they will need to train themselves not to scratch their bed while wearing them. Talk to your veterinarian about scratching your bed.

How to Stop Your Dog From Scratching the Bed

There are a few reasons why your dog may be scratching their bed. You can try addressing each of these reasons below.

1. Temperature and Humidity Dogs will often scratch their bed at the hottest or coldest times of the day.

When it's hot out, the bedroom air conditioning will create a cooler, steamy environment and cause them to sweat more which may cause them to dislike their bed.

This could be due to fear. If your dog has a phobia or fear of certain places, like a bathtub, then they may feel less comfortable around bedding that may cause them to be exposed to the environment they fear.

2. Too Much Exposure Some dogs will scratch their bed to cool themselves down after playing in hot weather. They may also scratch the bed if they are experiencing discomfort or pain.

Prevention Methods for Dogs that Scratch

These methods can help keep your dog's bed clean.

Wash your bed regularly: Make sure the bed is clean and free of dog hair to avoid bedding a scratchy surface.

Use natural scented shampoos: Some dogs have allergies to products containing chemicals and dyes. A natural dog shampoo that contains coconut, jojoba, and olive oils can be used to keep bedding free of scratching.

Give them a bath: To avoid scratching the mat, To avoid scratching the mat, give your dog a bath.


The reason why dogs scratch their beds is a matter of preference and training.

For instance, if your dog is young and still learning the family rules, it's easy to assume that they need to leave their bed to visit the bathroom.

But as your dog gets older and the rules change, it can be hard to break the habit of sleeping in the same bed as them.

For dogs that are used to sleeping on a soft and warm surface, giving them something hard and lumpy will break the habit.

Many dogs also have an anxiety disorder where their minds think that scratching their beds will help relieve this.


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