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Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Why Do Dogs Lick You?

Dog licking is a common sight in the dog world. When dogs lick each other, they’re generally just being affectionate.

It can also be used to demonstrate dominance over other dogs, or it can be used as an act of submission when one dog wants to show another that it is not a threat.

Dogs lick humans for many reasons, too. They might think you're food! Some breeds are more likely to lick their owners because they see them as sources of food, but licking could also be a sign of anxiety or stress in your pup.

Here, are some ways to tell if your dog is licking you out of affection or something else.

Section 1: Why do dogs lick each other? Section 2: Why do dogs lick humans? Section 3: What does it mean when your dog licks you? Section 4: Is licking good for dogs? Section 5: Conclusion

Why do dogs lick each other?

The most common reason your dog licks another dog is to help with socializing.

It gives your dog a chance to become familiar with your other dog before you bring them home, or just for fun! Hair-related reasons are also a common reason your dog licks another dog.

If the other dog has a reddened skin, your dog might be trying to lick off a sweat gland that has become irritated.

You might even be trying to play a trick on your dog by making them think your other dog is injured, or by distracting them from something they’re looking at.

Nasty infections and diseases also sometimes cause dogs to lick.

These are easy to treat if caught early, but a dog who licks his or her foot and then paws at the wound can spread infection to a whole area of the body.

Why do dogs lick humans?

It’s unclear if dogs have ever intended to lick their human owners in order to get something from them. But why else would they lick?

Dogs may lick humans because it’s fun for them. You may not like being licked on the face, but it can be hard not to crack a smile if you get licked on the nose! Also, it’s fun to lick and lick.

Your doggie friend does it for your amusement and your enjoyment, and you love it! Dog licking can also be a way for your dog to get attention from you. It's super cute if you make a big production about how licked you are.

You might be eating dinner, and your dog is right in the kitchen with you, licking the table, your shoes, your face, or licking your phone. It’s very sweet!

What does it mean when your dog licks you?

Your dog is either expressing affection, or he's being aggressive.

1. It's a sign of affection. When dogs lick you it’s a sign of love. They are checking you out to see if you’re OK and to make sure that you don’t bite them.

Dogs lick each other, but they also lick us too, usually when they’re grooming us or we’re in the process of grooming them.

2. It's a sign of aggression. When your dog licks you it might mean that they're being aggressive toward you.

They want to assert themselves and show you who is the boss.

They could be warning you that they’re going to bite you.

Dogs are naturally aggressive toward humans, but there are ways to prevent this from happening and to minimize the chances of a dog biting you.

3. It’s a sign of boredom. Bored dogs lick!

Is licking good for dogs?

As we all know, licking can be a good thing — but it can also be bad. Here are some reasons to stop your dog licking you:

They might lick too much or too many times and it hurts your skin.

They lick because they want to clean the fur on their bodies.

This can be a hygiene issue, but it can also be a sign of an underlying skin condition.

They lick because they can't control their mouth. A lot of breeds have teeth so large and sharp that they can cut into your skin.

They lick because they need to relieve themselves and you're a convenient "valet." Sometimes they might not have enough control over their bladder, making the licking necessary.

They lick because they want to be nice to you. This is a fine thing to be, but not if it's getting out of hand.


It's true that dogs do not have words, so we need to look to other signs and other ways to show that we are happy and content in their company. Try having a bath with your pup!


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