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Why Is My Dog Always Hungry? – Understanding What's Happening In Your Dogs Body

Why Is My Dog Always Hungry? – Understanding What's Happening In Your Dogs Body

Having a pet is a lot of work. You have to feed them, walk them, and take care of them when they’re sick. It takes a lot of time and patience to be a good owner. However, sometimes even the most responsible owner has trouble figuring out what their dog wants or needs. One common problem that many owners face is their dog always being hungry! Fortunately, there are ways to find out why your dog might be constantly hungry and eliminate the guesswork. Here are some possible issues that may be leading to your dog’s hunger pains and some solutions to try.

Section 1: The importance of understanding your dog Section 2: Common reasons for a dog being hungry Section 3: Tips for solving your dog’s hunger Section 4: Breaking the cycle of always being hungry Section 5: Conclusion

The importance of understanding your dog

In my years of dog ownership, I have seen a lot of different personalities and different eating habits among my own dogs. I understand that, on the face of it, some of these things may seem strange or confusing, but if you understand the animals true personality, you will understand why they are eating when they are, and what makes them happy. Understanding your pet will give you a greater understanding of how they will behave and why. Claudette Collins with Veter-Human-Associations, Inc. offers some helpful advice for helping you better understand what is happening in your dogs body: "You need to know your dog’s biological age to determine what is normal for your dog and what might be a sign that there is an issue".

Common reasons for a dog being hungry

Dry Food – There are many types of dry dog food out there. Some of them are more expensive but some of them are less expensive, which may make them more affordable to some dog owners. The most common problem that we find owners of dogs that have been on dry food for many years are having problems getting their dog to eat a healthy diet of real food. This is mainly because dry dog food tastes good and it’s difficult to feed your dog only a dry food diet. Some dogs also get fed dry food because their owners want to reduce the amount of time they spend giving their dog a balanced diet. Another problem with feeding a dog dry food is that it makes it very difficult to know if your dog is actually getting enough nutrients.

Tips for solving your dog’s hunger

When your dog starts exhibiting the symptoms of frequent hunger, the first thing you should do is make sure you have the right diet for your dog. A good diet will help to satisfy your dog’s nutrient requirements, without causing too many health issues, so you don’t have to keep having to visit the veterinarian’s office. If your dog is always hungry, your best bet is a raw diet. When it comes to raw diets, it’s important to keep an eye on the salt and nitrates that are naturally present in the food. The goal is to have a low-salt diet, with adequate protein. If you can’t get your dog to eat the raw diet that you’re feeding, ask your vet about adding in supplements or avoiding certain foods.

Breaking the cycle of always being hungry

Many dogs are hungry all of the time and do not gain weight. If this is you dog, you should try to break the cycle by monitoring what they eat. If your dog eats at certain times of the day, eat at these times. Also, try to keep your dog as active as possible. Walking is a great way to engage your dog, burn off energy, and get them moving all day. The less active your dog is, the more they will be eating. Many dogs enjoy playing fetch or tug of war with you, so ask your dog if they would like to play. If your dog says “Yes, please” then give them a ball to play with. If they ask, then you should throw the ball! Just remember to make sure you don’t get too over-involved! It is also important to keep your dog hydrated. If they drink plenty of water, your dog should not be hungry.


If you can determine why your dog is always hungry, you can find solutions to help him find his next meal!


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