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Why Dogs Sleep So Much?: The Science Behind Why Your Dog Is Always Asleep

Why Dogs Sleep So Much?: The Science Behind Why Your Dog Is Always Asleep

A dog's sleep is like ours! They love to snooze. Dogs need about one hour of sleep per every 10 hours they're awake. That means if your dog sleeps all day long, he needs about 12 hours of sleep in 24 hours. That's a lot more than us humans! It may seem like your pup is lazy, but think of it this way: dogs live in the moment and don't have things on their mind that we humans do (like checking email or watching TV). Your pup is just happy to be alive! Here are some tips for making sure your pup gets enough rest.

Section 1: Why do dogs sleep so much? Section 2: Why is your pup always asleep? Section 3: How to make sure your dog gets enough rest Section 4: What are the benefits of a dog getting enough rest? Section 5: Conclusion

Why do dogs sleep so much?

Now that you know why your dog is always sleepy, here's what you need to know about how much your pup actually sleeps: Most dogs sleep about 15 hours per day (every other day, which means they need 14 hours of sleep in 24 hours to get the recommended amount of sleep). About 1 in 5 dogs sleep 20 hours or more. More dogs are sleeping longer, but many are waking during the night. Most dogs get enough sleep. If you can't find your dog, it could be because he's in one of the following: the dog crate (hey, we're dogs and we like it). the dog bed (you don't realize how comfortable it is until your dog is in it). the blanket in a cozy spot (you could try putting him in a different room during the night, but that could also make things more complicated for you).

Why is your pup always asleep?

Dogs tend to fall into two categories: those that need about eight hours of sleep a day, and those that need more than 10 hours of sleep a day. The least sleep-dependent dog is your run-of-the-mill small dog. In fact, people often mistake short-haired breeds like Chihuahuas and Boston terriers as super-sleeping dogs because their coats don't let in enough air and they just keep their eyes closed all the time. They're really just sleeping, you just can't see it. And yet, those super-sleeping breeds still have times when they sleep too much. When this happens, you might notice a lethargy about your dog. He may seem off, and he may seem tired and sleepy. He also may sleep through other things.

How to make sure your dog gets enough rest

Look for ways to increase your dog's sleep time: Put your dog in a new location. Dogs who sleep better in different parts of the house will be more relaxed and will likely sleep more. Let your dog out to pee at night. Many dogs will naturally sleep in the same places at night and on top of their beds during the day. If you are up all night with your pup, put him in his bed and see if he goes back to sleep. Get your pup's help! Let your dog know it's time to rest. If your pup seems tired or would rather have a walk than sleep, play with him. He will be so happy to help you out. Create a quiet, dark environment. Dogs need a quiet and dark environment to fall asleep. Make sure there is no activity going on in the house during the evening.

What are the benefits of a dog getting enough rest?

Elevation Lose weight Improve muscle tone Boost immunity Decrease stress Boost your mood What is a dog's sleep schedule? Your dog sleeps in one of three schedules: The Dreamer Most dogs are night-time sleepers. They're usually asleep from dusk until dawn. They only wake up to go to the bathroom and eat. In the beginning, your dog's sleep schedule is dictated by the seasons and, as you've noticed, no matter how hot it is outside, your dog will always be found curled up under the covers. For this reason, I like to train my dogs to sleep from 5pm until 9pm so they can have an extra hour of sleep. The Chiller Dogs that are hot-blooded creatures (think chihuahuas) will sleep throughout the day.


Your dog needs about 12 hours of sleep each day, but some dogs need more or less sleep based on their breed, activity level, and whether they have a job or hobby to do. Like us, dogs need to rest and recharge periodically, and it can be hard to convince your pet to sleep someplace other than his or her bed. Good luck!


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