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Why Does My Dog Yawn So Much? What is Normal, and Why Do Dogs Yawn?

Why Does My Dog Yawn So Much? What is Normal, and Why Do Dogs Yawn?

You've probably noticed your dog yawning a lot. Why do dogs yawn? As it turns out, yawning is quite common in dogs and other animals. Dogs often yawn when they are tired or bored and some experts believe that it's because the cold air on their lungs stimulates the nerves that tell the brain to make them yawn. What can you do if your pup is always yawning? Here are some tips!

Section 1: Why do dogs yawn? Section 2: What is normal? Section 3: What to do if your dog yawns too much? Section 4: Conclusion

Why do dogs yawn?

In a recent post on Dr. Marty Becker's Dog blog, we found out that cats may yawn, but dogs don't! Dogs yawn because their bodies get cold when they go into hypothermia and the movement of their eyes and muscles helps warm up the body. Advertisement In addition, yawning helps your dogs with stress and anxiety. When your dog is stressed, yawning can help soothe your pet. In fact, dogs are known to yawn when they are anxious or upset. It doesn't always do much but it can show your dog that you are there to help when he or she is scared or worried. What is a contagious yawn? Your dog can catch a contagious yawn from other dogs. If your dog happens to be near another dog when a yawn is happening, your dog may catch the yawn.

What is normal?

There are two kinds of yawns. The 'common' yawns often seen in dogs and humans usually happen when they are resting or just relaxing. These are due to the parasympathetic nerve fibers that are running throughout the body. Because of this, yawning is usually harmless and is sometimes seen as a sign of happiness. The other kind of yawns, known as the 'aspirational' yawns, happen when a dog or other animal is showing signs of excitement. These are often seen when they see a tasty treat that they'd like to try. They also happen when they see a person doing something interesting. However, aspirational yawns can also be a sign that your dog is scared, bored, or has a sensitive mood. These are the signals that you should pay attention to.

What to do if your dog yawns too much?

If your dog is very barky and always wants to play with you and your friends, this may be due to excessive yawning. Your dog may need some work on his social skills and it is best for him to spend some time away from other dogs. If your dog is constantly yawning, and it's interfering with his sleep, you may want to consider having your dog fitted with a shirt that covers his eyes. Some dogs are over- yawners and can't help yawning when they feel tired. Your dog may not be able to control yawning in that instance. Did you know that? When dogs yawn, they are stretching and opening their mouths to blow air through their mouths, and also to refresh their airways. Some pets can yawn long enough to split their jaws open and gasp for air!


As you can see from this article, yawning is quite normal in dogs. In fact, it's one of the most common bodily functions that they show. However, like with humans, it's important to know why your dog yawns to make sure you're helping them out.


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