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Why Do Dogs Bury Things? The Real Reason Is Not What You Think

Why Do Dogs Bury Things The Real Reason Is Not What You Think

Have you ever seen your dog bury a bone, toy, or other object in the backyard? It’s likely that they are burying it to keep it away from other animals. This is because most dogs have strong instincts to guard their food by keeping it safe.

For some dogs, this instinct may be stronger than others. But how does this instinct come about? Some experts believe it is because they do not want to lose their food and risk starvation.

However, some scientists think that the act of burying things is a way for them to “mark” territory as theirs. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure: Dogs will do anything to guard their food and protect it from being stolen!

Section 1: Why do dogs bury things? Section 2: How did this instinct come about? Section 3: Why does burying food matter and how is it beneficial? Section 4: Conclusion

Why do dogs bury things?

There are several reasons why dogs bury things, according to experts. Most of the time, a dog will bury things because they no longer need them, or they are afraid that another animal will come and take it. But there is one other reason. Dogs will bury objects that are shiny or bright, because they think that if other dogs see it, they will not want to eat it. These dogs may also bury things that are left out on the ground, because they don’t want to leave it for other dogs. Some dogs bury things to mark their territory. This is a trait that many animals have. For dogs, this means that they bury objects that are found in their territory so they can go back to their territory and remember that it is theirs. How can dogs tell if something is a food item or not?

How did this instinct come about?

As it turns out, humans may have inadvertently created this way of marking territory for dogs. Historical records of the ancient Aztecs show that they would bury dead dogs, according to Live Science. This was not for religious reasons. Researchers are also aware of a 19th-century painting depicting hunter George Catlin carrying a dog in a ceremonial manner. In the painting, Catlin also carries a piece of white rock in his right hand, with a dog, possibly dead, lying in a pit on the opposite side. Catlin may have been surprised to learn that this had already been discovered and shown to the world. But why would he be surprised?

Why does burying food matter and how is it beneficial?

Dogs are very food-driven animals. They must know when and how to eat in order to survive. For them, food is often a highly-prized resource. The World’s Largest Dog Park in Houston, TX will be open by the summer of 2019. On a daily basis, dogs must learn how to eat and when to stop eating. They do not have the ability to recognize that they have already eaten, or when to stop. Frequently, the dog will begin to eat but then stop before finishing. They will often choose to take a nap instead of finishing their meal. They are then forced to spend time searching for food which has disappeared. They also do not have the ability to recognize when they are full and should stop eating. When they find their food missing, they begin to look around for it.


We can go back and forth all day with these sorts of questions. But if you want to know the truth, you can’t go wrong by asking a dog. They’ll be more than happy to tell you. I hope this article was helpful to you!


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